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How to Attract New Customers?

Create a Customer Persona!

Most owners of small businesses have to consider the question of how to attract new customers. Often, when people start thinking about marketing they want to jump into buying ads and creating their social media.  

Unfortunately, this is putting the cart before the horse. Marketing is an essential component of how to attract new customers, but it won’t work well if you don’t have a strategy that helps you understand who you are selling to. That’s where customer persona’s come in. 

If someone were to ask you what your “ideal” customer looks like, and you answer “anyone,” you are already headed down the wrong path. Marketing burgers to vegetarians is a waste of money and won’t see a return.

This concept applies to any business. There will always be a specific set of people who are the most likely to purchase what you have to offer. Getting your products or services in front of those who are the readiest to buy makes a lot of good business sense. 

Developing a customer persona is essential to understanding your business. From there, you will be able to focus your marketing in the right direction. You will still have to experiment, test, and change tactics based on results, but having an accurate buyer persona increases the chances your message will land in front of the right people. 

Barista knows how to attract new customers

You can create your own customer personas as there are a lot of templates available to follow. As a matter of fact, here is a good one from Hubspot.

Candid Badger Creations can also help you develop the personas.  Everyone has blind spots, even the most well-thought-out plan has them.  If you have spent a ton of time building your business, you likely know it inside and out, but you will always benefit from an outsider’s perspective. 

I’ve seen more than a few owners start out with a product or service with no idea where to find people who want to buy what they offer.  They spend a lot of money on scattershot marketing in local papers, or social media, or on radio and tv. 

When working with Candid Badger Creations,  you will benefit from the give and take as we discuss your goals and plans to get there. I can help you identify blind spots and will ask you the tough questions.  

So don’t ask, “how do I attract new customers,” until you answer the question, “Who are my customers?” Knowing the answer to that question will help you develop your social and web content along with pointing the way to any paid marketing you wish to implement.