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Journey: The act of going from point A to point B.

Birth to Death.  Windsor to Toronto.  Ninth grade to graduation.

Encountering a challenge to implementing a solution.

The things that you and your organization do  provides solutions to problems.  Providing food to satisfy hunger, entertainment to stave off boredom, technology to make life easier, finding a homeless person a place to sleep at night–the range of products and services is immense, but they all exist to solve a challenge.

This, also, is the common thread between the For-Profit and Not-For-Profit arenas.  If you are in a NFP, don’t kid yourself, you are selling something.  Maybe its a better way to house or feed people.  Maybe its got to do with improving the quality of life for the elderly or people who have physical or mental challenges.  The only difference between you and a For-Profit business is that you are asking someone (the customer) to fund a solution to someone eles’s challenges.

How does your potential customer ( or donor) know that you can solve the challenge?  How do you show them that they have a challenge and you have a solution that they aren’t even aware they have and need?  How do you take that first glimmer of interest in what you offer, create buy-in and then create the opportunities which lead to repeat business?

You do this by actually designing a customer journey.

That’s where Candid Badger Creations comes in.  No matter what you call them– customers, donors, clients– we can help you create a strategy that guides people to your uniquely positioned solutions.