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Custom Website Creation and Small Business Website Design

In the not-so-distant past, those who wanted to have a sweet website usually needed the help of a web developer. WYSISYG editors began to appear shortly after. They were based on the idea that not everyone had the time or desire to learn HTML. This began to open up website creation to non-coders.

Today, there are a plethora of choices like Wix, Elementor, WP Bakery and a whole host of others.  The do-it-yourself options are plentiful for those looking for custom small business website design. 

As easy as they are to use, there is still a learning curve, which is often steep. It isn’t hard to get a website up and live. The real trick, and the important part of small business website design, is in getting the live website to function correctly on different screen sizes, be SEO optimized and also Google Friendly. It should look good, too.

I am a small, one-man company that provides custom small business website design. Most companies don’t need anything super-fancy, and in fact, a super intricate website can actually drive customers away.  We specialize in providing clear and easy-to-read content for your customers to engage with. Should you need logo work, or an extensive design implementation we have connections to bring that to your custom package. 

Candid Badger Creations uses DIVI, which is yet another no-code website builder to create attractive and functional websites optimized to make Google happy based on your keywords.

Candid Badger Creations isn’t into “cheap” custom small business website creation, but we pride ourselves on being affordable and giving you more attention than you may get from a larger marketing house. I only take on projects as my capacity allows, so your website will be a priority. 

You can pay for a large web development company to create your custom small business website design and that may be the best route. But before spending the big bucks, let’s talk. I may be able to provide a more affordable alternative without sacrificing design or user experience.