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Website Creation

In the not-so-distant past, those who wanted to have a sweet website usually needed the help of a web developer. They were someone who could code. Even the early versions of the internet required knowledge of HTML which left people with the choice of learning the language or finding someone who already knew it.

WYSISYG editors began to appear shortly after. They were based on the idea that not everyone had the time or desire to learn HTML. This began to open up website creation to non-coders who were more concerned about the user experience; the way a site looked or how it flowed. But for those who really wanted a cool website, most of the time you still had to become, or find, someone who really knew their code.

This got even more complicated as CSS and Javascript were added into the mix. Today, websites can do amazing things, and web developers get paid really well for their knowledge. There is, however, a growing set of resources that goes beyond the old WYSIWYG editors. They simplify the website creation process, allowing anyone to design and build the website of their dreams.

This is called “No-Code Web Design.” The software does the coding, you do the designing. While it has limitations, these products are in use all over. If you ever see a website that is designed in WIX, Elementor or Divi, to name a few, you are looking at the product of no-code development.

These products will never completely replace coders. Those skills can and do allow individuals to add customization and features that no-code software can’t touch. Where they level the playing field is that now anybody can make a really nice, feature-rich site that is going to work for 80% of potential clients.

So, that’s part of what I do. I work within WordPress and primarily with Divi. If you need a website built, let’s talk. Chances are, it’s something within your ability to do, but I can do it for you and free up your time for other tasks.

You can pay for a large web development company to do this for you, and that may be the best route. But before spending the big bucks, let’s talk. I may be able to provide a more affordable alternative without sacrificing design or user experience.