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I Can Help Charitable Organizations.


Charitable organizations are often looking for fundraising help. If this sounds like your situation, let’s talk.  I’ve had the benefit of training in the United Way system. I’ve seen what works in large, urban areas, and I’ve seen what works in rural locations, too.

I will help your team evaluate where they are, and where they want to go.  I will help them develop their own winning strategies. I will be that sounding board, when things go off the rails.

I’ve experienced the highs and the lows of fundraising in a charitable organizations.  Let me help you and your team.

Experience (what I do best):

Build partnerships between charitable organizations and private business that result in win/win/win

Develop a Legacy Giving strategy and tactics/tool that can result in gifts arriving
through both passive or active channels.

Develop strategies to attract and keep high-dollar, year after year donations from

Develop tools to analyze donor relations year over year through a variety of metrics.

Develop strategy and tactics/tools for implementing a fundraising campaign that targets Individuals of any giving capacity within the community.

Lead collaboration with team to develop content for website, social media, radio and

Intangibles (other stuff I do well):

Great soft skills when dealing with community and potential partners (individuals or

Commitment to project achievement as a Win-Win-Win, where at least three parties

Natural curiosity about people and things makes it easy to find common ground and put people at ease.

Method (How it gets done):

I’ll take time to understand the mission of the charitable organization and get to know the people who are the stakeholders in your current project. They are the experts which will be relied upon.

Together, we identify and evaluate what the stakeholders believe their mission to be, and the tools they are using to accomplish it.

Together, we can analyze recent historic results to evaluate the tools and look for new patterns and trends.

I’ll question your assumptions. If they survive scrutiny, they pass. If not, we work together to find alternatives that will work.

We all commit to testing ideas, evaluating them, and then we pivot if needed.